AFAG has been organizing international trade exhibitions, events and congresses since 1947. It focuses on the needs of its customers and target audiences by providing all services related to exhibitions and congresses. It organizes national and international specialized trade fairs, combined events (congress and trade fair) coloborating with trade associations, local authorities, institutions and companies.

Headquartered in Nurnberg, AFAG has representatives in China, Italy and Turkey.

Web Site: https://www.afag.de/

DMG Events

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989 with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, dmg events is an international exhibitions and publishing company. We attract more than 425,000 visitors to our portfolio of 84 exhibitions each year.

We have expanded our operations to achieve impressive growth in emerging and mature markets by the strategic acquisition of complementary businesses and by geo-cloning our flagship events, where we adapt our core event brands to work across new countries and cultures.

Our 300 member team nurture professional communities for diverse industries including Construction, Energy, Coatings, Transport, Hospitality & Interiors. Our events are a focal point, supported by conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars and industry publications.

Through all of this work our aim is simple. We want to accelerate business through face-to-face events, which is why we work so hard to bring people together, creating opportunities for them to network, learn and do business.

Web Site: https://www.dmgevents.com/

GL Events

With more than 40 years' experience, GL events is a major player in the main event markets: congresses and conventions; cultural, sporting, institutional, corporate or political events; trade shows and exhibitions. With offices and venues on five continents and in more than 20 countries, GL events is the partner of all events.

GL events provides its customers with a comprehensive service offer: Live - event design, production and logistics, Venues - a network of event venues, Exhibitions - organizer of fairs, congresses and events. As a specialist in each of these 3 areas, the Group is involved in every aspect of events, from defining and designing the project to the implementation of operations on the ground.

Web Site: https://www.gl-events.com/en

Hyve Group

Hyve Group brings together millions of industry professionals every year with the exhibitions and conferences it organizes. The group organizes more than 130 exhibitions and conferences in 13 countries each year and employs more than 1200 staff in 17 offices around the world.

Its vision is to create the world's leading portfolio of must-have events that deliver exceptional experience and a return on investment to its customers.

Web Site: https://hyve.group/Home

Informa Markets

Informa Markets is one of the most important event organizers contributing to the development of industries and markets with the trade fairs it organizes. It has expanded its portfolio with more than 550 B2B events and commercial events in markets such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, construction and real estate, fashion and clothing, hospitality services, food and beverage.

It brings customers and business partners together from all over the world and offers experience and business opportunities with trade exhibitions.

Web Site: https://www.informamarkets.com/en/home.html

Intergrated Systems Events

Integrated Systems Events organises, manages and develops leading business-to-business events for the professional audiovisual, electronic systems integration and IT industries. 

Integrated Systems Events was established in 2003 as a joint venture of two trade associations – AVIXA and CEDIA – and has continued to grow year-on-year. With employees engaged in sales, operations, marketing and content development across Europe, Integrated Systems Events is a truly international company with a global reach. 

Its flagship event, Integrated Systems Europe, is the best-attended AV and systems integration trade show in the world. In 2020 it attracted over 116,000 visits and more than 1,300 exhibitors. In February 2022 the show will relocate to the Fira de Barcelona to accommodate its planned growth trajectory.

Web Site: https://isevents.org/

Messe Essen

MESSE ESSEN was founded in 1913 and has long history of success. Today, over 100 years later, its remarkable development is demonstrated in numbers:

  • 200 employees
  • Around 55 different trade fairs - including 10 leading international trade fairs - with 12 satellite events abroad
  • Approx. 1.5 million visitors annually from over 160 countries
  • Around 15,000 exhibitors from 90 countries, with a foreign share of nearly 40% at the Essen trade fair venue
  • An exhibition area of 110,000 m² and 20,000 m² open air space
Web Site: https://www.messe-essen.de/essen-fairground/

Reed Exhibitions

Ticareti oluşturan, markaları büyüten ve müşteriler için olağanüstü ağlar yaratan küresel bir etkinlik düzenleyicisi olan Reed Exhibitions küresel portföyü ile yılda yedi milyondan fazla insanı kendine çekmekte ve etkinliklerin yapıldığı her yerde yerel ekonomiyi canlandırmaktadır.

Reed Exhibitions sektördeki uzmanlığı ve 30 ülkede 500 etkinlikte müşteri odaklı deneyimler sunmasıyla tanınmaktadır.

Her yıl, 43 endüstri sektöründe dünya çapında 500 muhteşem etkinlik sunarken, tüm dünyada istisnai ve yaratıcı ekipler tarafından oluşturulan ve sunulan 25'in üzerinde canlı etkinlik düzenlemektedir.

Endüstri sektörleri kozmetikten mühendisliğe kadar uzanmaktadır.

Web Site: https://www.reedexhibitions.com/


Inspired and energised by Vision 2030, Tahaluf is a strategic alliance between Informa PLC and the Saudi Arabian Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP).

LEAP and Black Hat Middle East set a powerful precedent. Breaking records and winning international awards, the phenomenal debuts brought together creativity and expertise to put the Saudi events industry on the global map.

Web Site: https://tahaluf.com/


Established in 1998, Tarsus Group LTD. organizes trade exhibitions and B2B events around the world, especially in markets with high growth potential. Tarsus Group, which has organized more than 180 B2B events in more than twenty sectors such as air technologies, automotive, agriculture, education, cosmetics, textile and industry in 19 countries, has brought together more than 1 million visitors with more than 30.000 participants.

Web Site: https://www.tarsus.com/


Terrapinn 30 yılı aşkın süredir Amerika, Afrika, Asya, Avrupa, Orta Doğu ve Avustralya kıtalarında eğitim teknolojisi, enerji, finans, sağlık, yönetim sistemleri, raylı sistemler, teknoloji, uydu sistemleri, ulaşım gibi çeşitli sektörlerde ticari fuarlar, webinarlar ve sanal fuarlar gerçekleştirmektedir.

Şimdiye kadar 195 ülkede 557 etkinlik gerçekleştiren Terrapinn sektör profesyonellerinin yeni bağlantılar kurmasına, ürünlerini dünyaya tanıtmasına ve sektörde meydana gelen değişimlerin nabzını tutmasına vesile olmuştur.

Web Site: https://www.terrapinn.com/